Dylan’s Story

The tutors and team in Bryson FutureSkills are so friendly and have given me the encouragement and support I need to enable me to achieve my course. I will complete the programme in August 2017 and hope to progress into employment. I would highly recommend Bryson FutureSkills to others as a stepping stone towards the career you want to achieve.

Dylan Donnelly, TFS Trainee

In school Dylan studied catering and knew this was the career path he wanted to take.  Dylan was  unsure where to go next but after reading a marketing leaflet for Bryson FutureSkills he made an appointment to meet with Kellyann McFarnan. He commenced the Training for Success programme in September 2014 to work towards the catering qualifiction. Dylan secured a work placement with Cafe Refresh, which has given him confidence both in the work place and socially. Dylan  will complete the programme in August 2017 and hopes to progress into employment.