Bernard at the Helm of his New Career

Bernard Moran successfully completed the Step Into Employment Programme securing a full-time administrative post with Helm Housing earlier this month.

Following completion of the Step Into Employment Programme Bernard held a six month part-time contract in Helm Housing's Corporate Assurance Department, as Administration Officer. This has been a huge step towards realising his objective of getting full-time employment.

Bernard found that through this Programme he had a higher degree of interaction with Bryson FutureSkills Employment Officer, Margaret McCormick.

Bernard said,

“Throughout my time in the initial Helm placement, my Employment Officer Maggie couldn’t do enough for me, helping me a great deal in the planning steps of participating in the OCR qualification in Employability, and in my current Helm Housing contract.  I can say right away that the Step Into Employment Programme was one my most rewarding experiences and the best scheme I have been a part of”.

The Step Into Employment Programme is a 10 week work experience and skills programme for unemployed and economically inactive adults.  It offers a mix of techniques including job skills, interview methods, CV development and common sense practices for managing money.  Bernard’s day to day remit initially involved carrying out telephone surveys with Helm tenants to ascertain their level of satisfaction with the services they had received from the Association, a skill he acquired since completing the programme.

Commenting he said,

“I'll be the first to admit that I wasn’t expecting to be put onto the telephone when I came into Helm, but I felt more confident in doing this kind of work than I would have eighteen months ago!”


“Overall I would highly recommend the Step Into Employment Programme for anybody having trouble getting into employment”.

Denise Burns, Helm Housing Corporate Assurance Manager said,

“I would like to thank Bryson for placing Bernard with us as he has been a joy to work with. To see his confidence grow these last 8 months has been fantastic and I am glad that we could play a small part in this”.


“During his time here he has been interviewed by NIFHA, included in the Housing Association Guide for MLAs and attended an event in Parliament Buildings as part of this. He has also undertaken work  across the Corporate Assurance Team’s function including, research and survey work, communications and equality and has become an integral part of my team. I am sad to see him go, but absolutely delighted that he successfully put himself forward, and has subsequently gained permanent full-time employment with us just before we merge with Fold”.